How many days to see results from botox

Nerves in the body send pain signals to the muscles. In recent studies, Botox has been shown to have blocked those signals so that patients experience relief from the pain.

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After the pain is blocked, the muscles become relaxed and muscle spasms cease. The following are some cases in which patients could benefit from this treatment:. After about ten minutes of small injections, and after a few days, you will notice a difference in your face. Many people use this procedure to smooth out frown lines between their eyebrows. The cosmetic is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacterium, which is what decreases the amount of activity in the muscles that create the frown lines as people age.

MYTH: Applying collagen cream daily is enough to battle the aging process. FACT: Topical collagen creams are quite common and they usually promise results in a few days, but collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin.

There is also no scientific evidence to prove that collagen creams can do what they claim. Other than improving your diet and applying sufficient amount of sunscreen on your skin, dermal fillers can also stimulate collagen production. Hyaluronic acid, the main component of Restylane dermal fillers, surrounds fibroblasts with plenty of water. It is also found to be protective of the existing collagen as well.

You can see immediate results after the treatment as the fillers plump out lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. FACT : It is a mistake to decide on an aesthetic clinic just based on price alone. Authentic aesthetic treatments by experienced doctors do not come cheap.

Ask the doctor to show you some before and after photos to give you the confidence that they can do the job well.

Although some cheaper alternatives can produce the same result, there might be side effects that you may not be aware of. Be discerning and find out more before you decide on a treatment you think you deserve.

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FACT: Lasers do not cause the skin to wear out. In fact, laser treatments induce the skin to produce more collagen and form elastin to replace the damaged skin. The doctor will advise you on how often you should come back for repeat treatment to avoid any potential side effects of having too many laser treatments within a short period of time.

They work by creating micro-channels on your face to stimulate collagen production, to provide long-term anti-aging and skin rejuvenating benefits without the long downtime associated with some treatments like skin resurfacing laser. At Epiderma, our treatments for wrinkles, fine lines and loss of volume are performed exclusively by our physicians. Let us help you bring out your natural beauty.

Because your health is our number one concern, our treatments for wrinkles, fine lines and loss of volume are performed exclusively by specialized physicians with years of experience. Based on your needs and their medical expertise, the physician will develop a personalized treatment plan for you, and your treatment process will begin.

There are many treatments out there for wrinkles and fine lines. Based on your needs, your Epiderma physician may suggest Botox, a filling agent or a combination of the two.

Botox Used for over 20 years and approved by Health Canada, Botox relaxes facial muscles and keeps them from contracting. When injected, it has a smoothing effect over fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the targeted area of skin soft, smooth and flexible, with effects that last for up to 4 months. Botox is generally used for the upper areas of the face, for frown lines, around the eyes and on the forehead.

Filling agents The filling agents we use — Juvéderm, Volbella, Voluma and Volite — are created with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that gives our skin its elasticity.

How many days to see results from botox

Generally used for the lower parts of the face, filling agents help add volume and firmness to facial features and fill fine lines.

Results are immediately visible and can last for up to 18 months. To add volume or correct facial asymmetry, doctors recommend filling agents such as Juvéderm, Volbella or Voluma. Composed mainly of hyaluronic acid—a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies—these agents restore vitality and elasticity in the targeted areas of the face.

They can lift cheekbones, plump up and shape lips that have thinned over time, correct asymmetry, and combat sagging skin and loss of density around the contours of the face. It goes without saying that dark circles and sunken eyes can make a face look aged and tired.